Soap Stone Hanumanji

Soap Stone Hanumanji (Big)Dimensions : 6.5 x 4.5 x 2 Inches

This 6.5” soap stone idol of Hanuman, weighing 705 g, depicts him carrying his mace with his right arm and holding the mountain bearing the Sanjeevani herb in his left hand. During the mythical battle between Rama(a Hindu god) and Ravana ( a daemon) in Lanka, Ram’s brother Lakshmana fell unconscious and could only be revived by the Sanjeevani herb found in the Himalayas. Hanuman (consort of Rama) flew to the Himalayas to find the herb and then flew back to Lanka with the mountain on which the herb grew. His heroic act saved Lakshman’s life.


Hanuman is worshipped as a symbol of loyalty, constancy and strength. Placing this soap stone idol, painted in festive colors, in your home or office will inspire you to develop these noble qualities associated with Hanuman.

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