Coastal Handicrafts of Tamil Nadu

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Tamil Nadu is renowned for wooden toys and dolls, terra cotta items, papier mache and plaster of Paris handicrafts. The small union territory called Pondicherry is famous for its perfumes, pickles, incense sticks, and paper crafts. The oldest craft in Pondicherry is that of bronze casting and it dates back to the 8 th century AD. Puja lamps made from five metals and known as kamatchi villakku are prized items of prayers. Rhere is handloom cloth in traditional designs, hand-woven carpets, hand-woven woolen pile carpets, hand printed textiles, cane furniture, and handmade paper.


At Kanyakumari , women dye palm leaves, weave them into patterns, occasionally adding aluminium foil to enhance the effect, and make shopping bags, folding fans, trays, even suitcases. Some craftsmen at Kanyakumari make dolls and toys.

Kerala has ivory crafting as an age-old handicraft. There are ivory rosaries, mythological figures in ivory, figures of Buddha, figures of Christ, book marks, cigarette holders, pen stands and more.

Trivandrum has a tradition of wooden handicrafts. Rosewood, scented sandalwood and cedar wood is used to make wooden furniture, miniature birds and animals, and costume dolls. Karnataka too is renowned for its wooden handicraft. Mangalore is noted for its jewelry, particularly its bangles set with pearls and its pendants. Mangalore and Udipi are also known for their metal work. Meticulously carved brass and copper items like lampshades, door handles and furniture are their specialties. Coorg is popular for its painted toys and embroidered textiles.

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