Wool Jute Rug – A Blend of Grace and Durability

Wool Jute Rug

Wool and Jute are two very important natural products in the world of carpets and rugs. Natural fibers are always a preferred choice when it comes to the making of rugs as they present a lot of healthier characteristics for regular usage. Their durability and sustenance is also an added advantage. Wool carpets and tugs are much in demand all over the world but are expensive and need care and maintenance. However when the same is blended with another natural fiber like Jute the results are extremely attractive. Wool and Jute blends are examples of a tough fiber with a soft feel. Rugs made out of these are beautiful and at the same time exhibit qualities of strength that can be put to use on a large scale. The use of Jute and wool blends also helps to keep the prices of such rugs within the range of affordability.

Blend of Wool and Jute

With a use of modern technology there are times when Jute and Wool are blended to produce beautiful and durable rugs. A layer of natural wool is placed that is derived from prime sources of the fiber like countries of the Himalayan foothills or from New Zealand. On top of this there is a layer of jute fiber placed. This combination provides a deep and soft feel to the rug. Additionally it also makes the rug durable and capable of rough use. It is therefore suitable for placement in a variety of indoors and outdoor areas.

Features of Wool Jute Rug

  • This is made with harvested jute that is a renewable natural fiber
  • Wool is used as a base for the spread of jute fiber
  • The use of wool gives a good texture to the rug
  • These are mostly hand made
  • These are completely environment friendly and safe for the human health
  • The rugs consist of a 70% wool and 30% jute ratio
  • The rugs are quite thick in appearance and soft to feel
  • They ensure durability and a low cost of maintenance
  • They come in various shades although the natural shade of jute is a popular one

Utility of Wool Jute Rug

The strength and durability of Jute Wool rugs make them a good choice for homes and offices. These are capable of sustaining heavy usage and footfall and are thus fit to be placed both indoors and outdoors. They come in a variety of shapes like that of square, rectangle, round, half moon and these make them suitable for all places of use. Jute Wool rugs also come in a variety of colors and hues that makes them a beautiful option of floor covering for all times.

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