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Transitional Rugs

Transitional Rugs are those that are a blend of both contemporary and traditional designs. Their uniqueness lies in the aspect that their designs and patterns are very modern in approach and yet very classic. They are made of a variety of fabrics and their usages can be varied too. Their usage as area rugs for indoor and outdoor locations in homes allows a mixed approach to the kind of look that one is attempting at.

Fabrics of Transitional Rugs

There are several fabrics with which transitional rugs are made. There are indoor rugs that may sustain fine quality of fibers even with greater usage. However when it comes to outdoor rugs a greater strength of fiber is sought for that may sustain the weather and atmospheric elements as well as more usage.

  • Wool – This is one of the finest fibers that can ever be used in the making of a rug or a carpet. Wool transitional rugs are made with a deep feel and a variety of designs and patterns.
  • Blended Fibers – There are several blended fibers that make for fine transitional rugs. These may consist of blended natural fibers as well as that of synthetic fibers. It results in strongly made rugs that can sustain heavy usage.
  • Synthetic Rugs – These are made of entirely synthetic or manufactured fibers. In these transitional rugs there are various schemes of colors and designs. Their manufacture in blended fibers makes for durable as well as cost effective rugs. The prices are generally kept within a range limit that makes it an easy buy for all.
  • Sisal – Transitional rugs are also made from Sisal. This natural fiber makes for long lasting rugs in various hues that provides excellent quality and durability as well.

Shapes of Transitional Rugs

Transitional rugs come in various shapes and sizes. They are made to several specifications that made fit in any area of a home and be a part of its décor. Popular shapes among readymade transitional rugs are Rectangle, Square and Round.

Types of transitional Rugs

  • Handmade Rugs- These are handmade mostly from natural fibers. However there are many in blended fibers too. These rugs are of the best quality and feel along with a range of exquisite designs and patterns.
  • Machine made Rugs – These are rugs that are manufactured with both natural and synthetic fibers. There is no difference in the opulence of their designs as well. However there are specific pieces where cost can be brought down when it comes to machine made rugs.

Uses of Transitional Rugs

The use of a Transitional rug is very specific. It is aimed at giving that homely look to a place without being too ornate or elaborate. Transitional rugs are best described as an eclectic mix of times that has been described in designs. Therefore it adds that art without losing the relaxed appeal of shades and fabrics. It can therefore be used at various points of a home. The choices of fibers and designs may vary from areas of placement.

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