Learn the art of Rug Hooking

Making rag rugs is an age old art that has grown and evolved with passing time. One needs to put in a lot of patience and time but the outcome is so beautiful and attractive that it becomes worth all the effort. This art of rug hooking has attracted many people to learn the skills behind it and make it on their own. Rug hooking classes are the ideal place to gain the right knowledge.

Rug hooking is the art of using fabric which is looped around a rug hook and pulled through a base. One can create interesting designs and pattern and use the creativity of colors. Apart from being aesthetically beautiful, these rugs are also of great use inside the home.

The art of rug making is actually very old and dates back to the early years of the 19th century. It began in Yorkshire where the working class in the factories was allowed to take back home scraps of cloth that were of no use in the preparation of goods. They in turn worked on these rags and turned them into mats or rugs to sleep on or to cover the floor of the place where they lived.

Around the same time, this art also became famous on North America. Spare scraps of cloth were used by the poor people to make mats so that they could cover the dirt on the bare wooden floors. At that time this art was practiced only by poor people since it was not considered proper for a lady to do rag rug hooking.

By the middle of the twentieth century things changed and many thrifty people picked up this art as a form of hobby. Books were printed with patters and designs that could be made. Today it is an art still enjoyed by people of all ages and is regarded as a fun craft project. If you visit art fairs, you will find artisans who specialize in rag rug hooking in different techniques.

There are special rug hooking classes that are held to help you learn the art. Expert teachers spend time with beginners and teach them how they can start making hooked rag rugs and also help them gain expertise. Demonstrations are given to students at all levels and techniques are taught.

Some rug hooking classes teach the traditional forms of making rugs while others teach the more modern forms. If you want to make your rug attractive by putting a picture on it or you want to decorate it with flowers, everything can be learnt in the rug hooking class.

Hooked rag rugs look add an additional charm to the house. They are colorful and thick since a lot of fabric is used. It can used in places where there is water since it absorbs it and it is also used in home of countries that are very cold since they help to keep the cold out.

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