Southwest Area Rugs – Rugs in Timeless Tradition

Rug Styles

There are several styles of rugs that have come up in vogue over the centuries of it making. Though rugs were originally made by the Tibetans it became so popular the world over that there evolved different patterns of this floor covering. All these innovations added to its beauty and comfort.

Southwest Area Rugs

This is an innovation of the region of southwest America and Mexico. It revolves around the design patterns of Native American Indians and reflects their culture. It is very traditional in approach and yet very modern owing to the simplistic and functional attributes of both the colors and the patterns. They come in wide varieties of color combinations that are vivid and can liven up home décor perfectly. It is especially complimentary when it is paired with antique furniture and other items of traditional value.

Main aspects of Southwest Area Rugs

  • They are all made of wool
  • There is only one variety that is made of synthetic yarn like nylon
  • Almost all the rugs are hand tufted in India and China
  • The rugs are generally thick and hand knotted
  • Flatweaves make it possible for these rugs to be used for floor coverings as well as decorative wall hangings
  • There is a modern version of southwest area rugs that are machine made
  • Machine made rugs are aimed at such places that see a lot of usage and therefore need durability

Popular Shapes of Southwest Area Rugs

There are several shapes in which southwest area rugs are available. There is one that will fit appropriately for every special place in one’s home. Here is a list of all the available shapes in these rugs.

  • Round
  • Oval
  • Rectangle
  • Square
  • Octagonal

Popular Fibers of Southwest Area Rugs

Southwest Area rugs are primarily made out of wool. However over the years there are several synthetic fibers that have been employed in the making of these rugs so as to ensure quality with durability. It also helps to make these rugs cost effective. Here are some of the commonly used fibers in the making of southwest area rugs.

  • Wool – This is the commonly used fiber that results in thick and comfortable rugs of quality.
  • Jute – This is another natural fiber that is introduced in the making of southwest area rugs. It allows the same quality with more affordability.
  • Nylon – Among synthetic fibers this is a commonly used one. It makes for durable and affordable rugs that can sustain heavy duty areas and outdoor locations with ease.
  • Polypropylene – This is introduction of yet another synthetic fiber. Its usage brings forth the same features as that of nylon. However it is advisable to check the properties of this fiber as well as the location where it will be used before putting it to use.
Indian Kurti
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Three Colored Kurti
Yellow Jaipuri Block Printed
Peach Pintucks Yoke
Dark Blue Pintucks Kurti
Yellow Megasleeves With Patch Work
Pink Kurti with Ethnic Patch
Kurti with Jaipuri patch
Kurti with Angarakha Style
Purple with Turquoish Blue Zari Yoke


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