Synthetic Carpets – Art of Make-Believe Beauty

Synthetic Carpets

Synthetic Carpets are floor coverings made out of various man made fibers that are also characterized by a silken feel. They are designed and embroidered with beautiful patterns and motifs that make the difference hard to tell. Synthetic carpets are hand knotted carpets that may even come with as many as 250 knots in a square inch.

Fibers of Synthetic Carpets

There are several fibers that are used in the making of a synthetic carpet.

  • Polyester – It has the advantage of providing better clarity in the colors that are used in the carpets. It also provides carpets with a soft feel. However it is less durable in quality.
  • Nylon – This is the most commonly used fiber in the making of synthetic carpets. There are possibilities of a variety of colors and shades. It is ideal for all kinds of areas and handles any amount of footfall despite the beauty and elegance. Nylon offers a value for money and is also easy to maintain.
  • Polypropylene – One of the most popular among synthetic fabrics these carpets offer a lot of friendly features. These are stain resistant as well as resistant to static electricity and therefore favorable for use in all seasons. They are easily placed both outdoor and indoor regions.
  • Acrylic – This fabric has the feel of wool and is ideal for carpets with a thick velvet feel. It however needs to be used caution as it may catch fire and burn quickly.

Disadvantages of Synthetic Carpets

According to popular opinion there may be certain health hazards that are an outcome of using a synthetic carpet. It is advisable to keep these conditions in mind before any such purchase is made so as to ensure safety and health of people concerned.

  • Synthetic carpets may contain certain petrochemical compounds that may rise and mix in the breathing air of a place. According to certain researches synthetic carpets add carcinogens like benzene and neurotoxins like toluene. These are especially harmful for expecting mother and small babies.
  • The materials and other chemicals used in the making of a synthetic carpet may also cause eye irritation and further lead to headaches and nausea.
  • Certain resources like Methyl and Tridecene also aggravate asthma
  • Phthalic esters is another product used that can cause disorders in the nervous system
  • In countries with a hot climate the use of synthetic carpets may also lead to a heightening of heat generation within the temperature of the rooms owing to the nature of its raw materials and chemicals used

Utility of Synthetic Carpets

The utility of Synthetic carpets lies in the aspect of its making. Being manufactured out of synthetic fibers makes it a strong carpet that is also durable. It may be utilized for such places where rough usage is a strong possibility. It is useful for purposes where décor is put up on a temporary basis and especially when there is a budget to be considered carefully.

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