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Shag Rugs

Shag is the name that is derived from the shaggy appearance of this style of carpets and rugs. Shag rugs are made of a variety of fibers in a method that consists of piles. These are less dense in nature and are present in individual strands that are long. It was a contemporary form of design as an innovation of carpet weaving styles.

Area Rugs

Area rugs are those that cover only a part of an area or a room. It is different that wall carpeting that covers the entire area of a place. There are several options of floor coverings in Area rugs. It ranges from a variety of contemporary as well as traditional designs. There are traditional color schemes that involve a palate of rich and vibrant colors that lend a royal and ornate look. There are also modern color schemes that depend more on pastel and earthen shades to give a look of comfort and warmth.

Shag Area Rugs

Area rugs that are made in the shag weave style are a popular choice of rugs in home décor. Shag area rugs give away that much needed look of comfort and homeliness to the décor of a room. It has a soft and deep feel about it that provides warmth and help to liven up the surroundings. Shag area rugs are especially useful when it comes to specific areas of a house like a bedroom and a children’s room.

Utility of Shag Area Rugs

There are several specific utility of shag area rugs apart from its elegance and vivacity of appearance.

  • It provides for warmth as a floor covering. This is especially useful in colder countries and those houses with stone and wooden floors
  • It provides a direct relief from cuts and bruises among children when they fall on this instead of the floor
  • The depth that is created in shag rugs owing the cluster of individual strands lead to a great deal of comfort under the feet
  • Shag area rugs also come with an inherent softness owing to a prevalence of the use of natural fibers in their making

Types of Shag Area Rugs

  • Leather Shag Rugs – There are Shag rugs that are made of leather. These offer a variation from the archetypal shag rugs made of different fibers and yet provide the same comfort and. Moreover the variation is an innovation that makes for a welcome change in home décor. These are hand made and consist of soft piles of genuine leather.
  • Wool Shag Rugs – These comfortable pieces of handmade rugs are made from pure wool fibers. The finest wool comes from places like New Zealand and India among many other countries. It makes for some of the softest and comfortable feel among rugs.
  • Blended Shag Rugs – Rugs are also made of several blended fibers. Blended fibers are made from wool, jute, and silk with a variety of synthetic fibers. They are all opulent in their styles and colors that make them appropriate condiments in home décor.

Designs and Colors of Shag Area Rugs

The weave of the Shag area rugs allow the prevalence of plain colored rugs and designs that are more contemporary in nature. It can hold designs that are in geometric patterns of color schemes or other symmetrical patterns in a range of hues. The weave of the shag area rugs primarily make it difficult to manufacture with traditional pattern of designs.

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