Indoor Rugs – A Complete Home Makeover

Interior Décor

The interior décor of a house is an important aspect of a lifestyle. There are several parts of this décor that has to be looked into in order to give the home the right looks along with an equal share of comfort. Elegance and relief are of key importance and has to be balanced in a home. This is where people come after a hard day’s work and rest their tired body and mind. This is also the place where people get to reflect their good taste and personalities by the right assortments of things to make their home look beautiful and elegant.

Indoor Rugs

Indoor Rugs are widely used in the different quarters of a home. They are helpful in adding grace to the décor as well as providing comfort and a good feel beneath the feet. There are various kinds of rugs that are used for different areas within the house and for various reasons.

  • Drawing Rooms and Living Rooms – This is an indoor location where seating arrangements are made for guests and for times of social gathering. It is therefore of utmost importance that it looks its best before the outside world. The rugs that are usually placed here are of traditional and ornate categories that has the splendor of colors and embroidery patterns on it. Examples – Decorative throw rugs
  • Bedroom – This room has a primary requirement of comfort and relaxation. The rugs that are of use here will need to be somber in shades with less of heavy and ornate embroidery. The shades have to be soothing to the eyes and not too loud.
  • Bathrooms – it is essential to note that the selection of rugs for any such place where water is used should be done on the basis of water absorbency level of the rug. There are certain rugs that are high on absorbing power while there are others that do not absorb at all. Examples – Bathroom door mats, Kitchen rug
  • Children’s Room – This is an important place where the theme on the rugs may be colorful and funny or even educational. It is also often placed according to the theme of the room or as per the existing colors of the room.
  • Doorways and Corridors – Rugs are often placed at doorways and corridors. The selections of rugs for such places are made on the basis of the strength and durability of the rugs. These are areas where a lot of usage can be seen and thus a quick wearing out of the rug is possible in case of a wrong choice. Examples – Patio rug, Door mats, Entry rug

Price Range of Indoor Rugs

There are different price ranges that are on offer for a variety of rugs. However the main reason of price difference will be found on the basic fiber and making of the rugs. There are handmade rugs and then there are machine made rugs. There are rugs that are made of natural fibers like silk blends, wool, jute, hemp and sisal. There are also rugs that are made of synthetic fibers like polyester and nylon.

Indian Kurti
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Three Colored Kurti
Yellow Jaipuri Block Printed
Peach Pintucks Yoke
Dark Blue Pintucks Kurti
Yellow Megasleeves With Patch Work
Pink Kurti with Ethnic Patch
Kurti with Jaipuri patch
Kurti with Angarakha Style
Purple with Turquoish Blue Zari Yoke


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