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Beautify your home with floral rugs

Rugs add color to your home and floral rugs beautify them further. Although our homes have become modern, some things remain classic forever. Floral rugs in the past and today and even in the future will continue to find a place in homes. The styles and trends of these rugs may vary but they are here to stay.

Different kinds of floral designs are available to suit different parts of the home. It could be the formal area like the library and the drawing room or it could be the personal kitchen or bedroom, different designs can be made to suit the environment. Floral rug in a child’s room or in the nursery is also a very good idea.

The combination of your personal style of room décor along with floral rugs can go very well with each other. If the room is plain and simple, a floral rug can do wonders. Apart from this, floral rugs go very well with rooms that have themed interiors. The flowers on the rug can either be muted or loud.

Flowers on a rug can be made in beautiful unique designs according to one’s liking and fancy. There are floral rugs that can have geometrical floral designs or with flowers along the border. One big flower right in the center of the rug also looks attractive or a bunch of flowers spread across the rug. A single flower on one side of a carpet also looks good. A mix of the classical and the modern also looks very attractive. It all depends on personal choice and preference.

Flower designs of tulip, orchids, lily and sunflower add a touch of elegance to the room. Some designs on rugs can add a touch of romance to the room. Garden floral style area rugs are more suited for homes that have a contemporary or a modern look.

Floral area rugs are durable and can last a very long time. You can select rugs made from a variety of materials. They can be synthetic, cotton, jute, wool or bamboo. Make sure that the material of the rug matches with the other upholstery of the room. It should not look odd or blend too much with the room.

Flower rug designs are sometimes so colorful that they catch the attention of the eye the moment you enter the room. They become the focal point of your room. If placed at the entrance of a house, they give the feeling of a warm welcome. If you don’t like too many colors, you can opt for muted colors or a floral design with just two or three lighter shades.

If you are placing a rug inside your home then there is nothing better than to have a touch of nature around you and your family.

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