Stair Runners – Staircases of Running Elegance

Stair Runners

Stair Runners are carpet or rugs that are spread over the stair cases. This runs over the entire stretches of stair cases spread over several floors. It helps to make a lasting impression to all those who enters a household. It is oftentimes seen that a staircase if thought of as unnecessary when it comes to carpeting. But needless to say stair runners and their installation can help to redefine home décor entirely. It can offer an entirely new look to the get up of any establishment.

Stair Runner Installation

The installation process of a stair runner is an extremely specialized work that needs to be done by those who are trained in the job. It may also be noted here that almost all such companies selling stair runner carpets and rugs also undertake the work of installation of the same – sometime even at no extra cost. Here are some of the basic procedures laid down for your reading.

  • The narrow length of stair runner carpet is at first set on a pad
  • The carpet is then attached to tack less strips that are nailed to each tread
  • Rods are also used to fix the stair runner appropriately
  • The pad provides a stop quiet footing for the steps
  • It also ensures a long life and durability of the stair runner

Stair Runner Designs

The designs and patterns of any carpet have a distinct style and appeal in the eyes of the onlooker. It is mostly up to the house owner and his definite style that decides what that special pattern of his stair runner will be. There are options of adopting a traditional look for the stair runner or even a modern and contemporary look for the same. Both are unique and elegant in their own way as much as they define a particular taste and opulence.

  • Oriental Stair Runners – The design and patterns in this style are taken from traditional Persian themes or from those of Tibetan art and culture. The patterns are rich ornate motifs of flowers and paisley that is characteristic features of such makes. There are a use of a variety of colors and shades that give a grand look to a stair runner. Such carpets are available in various natural and synthetic fibers.
  • Contemporary Stair Runners – The designs here are those that are crafted by modern designers and are not taken from any culture or a set pattern. There are several colors that are used here as well. The design patterns used are mainly geometric or asymmetrical designs. Contemporary designs also evolve color schemes that are soft and soothing to the eye to make it a choice for all seasons.
Indian Kurti
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Three Colored Kurti
Yellow Jaipuri Block Printed
Peach Pintucks Yoke
Dark Blue Pintucks Kurti
Yellow Megasleeves With Patch Work
Pink Kurti with Ethnic Patch
Kurti with Jaipuri patch
Kurti with Angarakha Style
Purple with Turquoish Blue Zari Yoke


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