Home Carpets – The Carpet Touch for an Elegant Home

Home Decor

Home is a place where décor plays a very important role. It is usually the home décor that is a direct reflection of the personality and taste of its inmates. Through it various characteristic features a particular décor may exudes warmth and comfort not only to its inmates but also to its guests and visitors. There are various aspects of home décor that can be looked into for that special touch of luxury and elegance. In this case the role of home carpets is of crucial importance

Home Carpets

One of the chief components of a cozy and comfortable home is its carpets. The choice of the right carpet as well as the area of its placement in the home plays an important role. Home carpets are usually the ones where one can afford to be experimental as well as tasteful in their choice. They can have a variety of colors or design schemes for different areas of a home. It is not only important to augment the beauty and opulence of the carpet but also to see that its placement is of some significance usage that also adds to the comfort of the people living in the house.

Carpet Areas

There are several areas in a home that have a specific need of a carpet. However different areas of a home may have different kinds of carpet requirements and thus a singular or similar style for the entire house may not always be an enterprising idea.

  • Living Room – This is an area of activity that sees a lot of walking and trampling. Carpets in this area need to be one that is strong and durable and at the same time colorful and attractive.
  • Drawing Room – This is an important place of a home. It is where people gather and entertained. This is a place for elegance and opulence. This is a place where expensive silk or woolen carpets can be spread to compliment to the beauty of other things as well.
  • Bedroom – This is a place of rest that may ask for mellow and soft colors and a less of design. However it also depends on the personal taste of the inmates.
  • Children’s Room – Carpets of these rooms need to be durable and of a strong make. The colors too need to be less strong so that they appear less loud in vision.
  • Library – In homes that boasts of a library there needs to be carpets for this area as well. It will add to the comfort of the reading room.

Different Types of Home Carpets

  • Woolen Carpets
  • Silk Carpets
  • Synthetic Carpets

Home Carpet Cleaning

The stains on a home carpet is a common feature. Though there are carpet cleaners who can take care of such tasks here are some ways stains can be prevented by the instant application of these methods.

  • Vacuum cleaning of carpets
  • Use of Steam Cleaners to clean carpets
  • Liquid Detergents for carpets can be mixed with water and sprayed onto a carpet
  • Baking Soda can be sprinkled before vacuum cleaning to remove odours
  • White vinegar solutions are sprayed on carpets to remove odors and pet stains
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