Expensive Area Rugs Can Add Class And Elegance To Your Interiors

Area rugs are available in a number of shapes and styles with the base material differing from rug to rug too. While most of us do tend to get carried away by the bright and vivid colours or the intricate designs, we fail to notice the material that lies underneath it all. If you are thinking of doing up your home in style, then you can certainly not go wrong with hand crafted silk rugs. Expensive area rugs in silk will no doubt enhance your interiors while adding a subtle elegance to it all. You will be pleased to discover that the understated brilliance of your expensive area rugs can highlight your home like no other and your brilliant piece of master plan is likely to be imitated by all your close friends as well.

While the initial asking price of the expensive area rugs may leave you a little staggered yet it will be wise to spend just a little more as the value that you get in exchange for the additional expense will remain unparalleled. Try as you might, it is just not possible to imitate the class and style of a superlative material like silk with other cheaper alternatives. This delicate piece of material, however, needs to be handled with care and it would just not do to place your expensive area rugs helter-skelter without it sustaining a damage. The other thing that you need to keep in mind is to place it in a secluded corner or display it prominently as the center piece of your living room. An oriental seating arrangement around an exquisitely hand woven silken area rug is certain to lend an exotic aura to your surroundings. The entire effect revolves around the silk area rug which unwittingly becomes the most important piece of adornment in your entire room.

A master bedroom is another place where you can use the beautiful piece of silk fashioned as a rug. It is also essential to keep it out of the reach of children as they tend to become boisterous and may damage the precious rug unnecessarily. Hanging expensive area rugs on the walls as a form of tapestry can also help you to keep it safe while getting to display it at the same time.

A silk area rug may actually set you back by thousands and consequently you do tend to take good care of it. Cleaning this beautiful adornment can be an ordeal too. However, there is no dearth of good cleaners in the market and using professionals who know their trade well will definitely help you to keep your beautiful and expensive area rug as good as new for years altogether.

Apart from silk in its purest form you can also opt for the following materials for your area rugs all of which look beautiful in their own way.

  • Pure Wool
  • Mixture of Silk and Wool
  • Faux Silk

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