Wool Carpets – Carpets of Sheer Beauty


There are several kinds of carpets and rugs that are available as floor coverings. Though traditionally produced and used in countries like India, Pakistan and those of the Middle East carpets are extensively used all over the world today. They not only add to the quality of décor but also the comfort of a place.

Wool Carpets

Wool carpets that are made of a 100% pure wool fiber are examples of some of the world’s finest pieces of weaving as well as the most expensive ones to afford. Wool is sheared off sheep in various countries to produce the finest of all fabrics available for carpet weaving.

Special Features of Wool Carpets

  • Embroidery – Wool carpets are known for their traditional embroidery based on a variety of themes where they narrate a whole story at times. There are traditions followed in Persia as well as Kashmir in case of embroidery and is famous for its finery.
  • Knots – A key aspect of selecting a carpet of fine quality is doing so on the basis of its knots. The knots are made in the yarn in the process of weaving and also add to the strength and durability of the carpet.
  • Colors – Wool carpets are well known for their color coordination as well as single colored ones that are more contemporary in design. The nature of color combinations in traditional wool carpets gives it a rich and ornate look.
  • Motifs and Designs – Some of the traditional wool carpets especially those of Persian and Kashmiri in quality have motifs and designs that are mostly traditional. Floral motifs leaves and paisley motifs are some of the characteristic features of such wool carpets.
  • Comfort and Feel – Wool carpets both of traditional and contemporary make spell one magic – that of comfort and a feel of warmth beneath the feet. It goes a long way to build a special place for itself in home décor as well as a priced possession of those who own one.

Types of Wool Carpets

  • Persian Wool Carpets -
  • Indian Wool Carpets – Indian wool carpets that are traditionally made in Kashmir are some of the finest examples of wool carpets in the world. It is coupled with some of the finest works in embroidery of designs and patterns on them. There are a variety of coordinated color schemes that are used in the making of these carpets.
  • Blended Wool Carpets – There are several brands of wool carpets that are made of a blend of wool with other fibers as well. Wool is also blend with other natural fibers like silk and jute to make carpets. Synthetic fibers are also used in some cases to make carpets.
  • Patterned Carpets – Wool carpets that are especially made in the traditional style are often patterned in various ways. Woolen carpets are especially known for its variety in themes colors and design patterns.
  • Plain Wool Carpets – There are woolen carpets that are made in contemporary style also. These carpets emphasize more on the finery of the wool quality and stick to single colors only. They are also provide a calm and friendly atmosphere with soothing colors and a great comfort of softness and warmth.
Indian Kurti
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Three Colored Kurti
Yellow Jaipuri Block Printed
Peach Pintucks Yoke
Dark Blue Pintucks Kurti
Yellow Megasleeves With Patch Work
Pink Kurti with Ethnic Patch
Kurti with Jaipuri patch
Kurti with Angarakha Style
Purple with Turquoish Blue Zari Yoke


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