Magnetic Chess Set

Magnetic Chess Set 
Dimension: 9 inches

Chess game and chess sets are the most famous board game. Other board games do not carry that much interest and prestige that is associated with the chess game. Our site is a virtual treat for the people who love chess game. Any one who loves this game will surely have a desire to get the best chess sets. Our site feature the best chess sets for all the lovers of this great game.

Crafts in India offers a wide array of chess sets coming with numerous finishes, sizes and styles to match almost any room decor. Our selection also includes chess tables and board games tables. We offer the best quality wooden chess sets. These are the unique chess sets which are a wonderful combine of class and convenience.

Our wooden chess sets contain the pieces with rich tones and are enhanced by a high-gloss finish to ensure an appealing shine. These wooden chess sets are portable and can be carried easily while traveling. There are special folding designs in which all the pieces are stored easily. Our site also features special wooden chess sets designed for traveling. This is sure to please those who travel on long trips. These sets can be folded and occupy very little space.

Marble chess sets are another form of chess sets available for sale. The truly classic look of the Black and White Marble Chess Set is bound to bewitch you with its beauty. For those who like lighter material they can buy the plastic chess sets which are easy to carry.

The wooden chess sets are crafted from the finest wood and offer high quality at an attractive price. Just browse our collection that will surely catch the eye of any chess player! Display your passion for chess game by ordering a chess table today.

Wooden Chess Set
Magnetic Chess Set
Magnetic Chess Set
Painted Chess Set
Handmade Painted Chess Set
Wooden Chess Set with Gorara Marble top
Decorative Wooden Chess Set
Chess Set
Chess Set
Wooden Chess Set (Small)
Wooden Chess Set
Royal Brass Chess Set
Royal Brass Chess Set


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