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Wooden Buddha Statue

Buddha StatueDimensions : 13 x 6 x 4 Inches

It is believed that placing a Buddha statue in your home or office helps you obtain inner peace and inspires you to attain harmony and balance in your life.

Hand carved by master craftsmen, this Buddha statue is shown in a posture of meditative blessing.

This finely carved wooden Buddha figurine glows with a spiritual aura. The golden Kadam wood Buddha image, carved and polished to a radiant smoothness, raises his right hand in a mudra or gesture that confers fearlessness

while the left hand is placed in his lap in a gesture of compassion.

The carving depicts Buddha’s flowing robes, the curls of his hair, the spiritual halo or chakra radiating from Buddha’s head and the sign of his enlightenment, in minute detail. Seated in the lotus posture, on a base carved to depict an open lotus flower, the Buddha smiles at the world, while his eyelids are contemplatively lowered. The calming presence of the meditative Buddha and the blessing he confers will help you to achieve your inner potential and to find true peace of mind.

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