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White Tara Statue

White Tara StatueDimensions : 9x6x4 Inches

The showcased handmade copper statue of White Tara is a wonderful work of handicraft. The glow of this dazzling figure is accentuated by 24-karat gold plating all over the face, crown torso, feet and other parts of the body. She is sitting on a big lotus throne with both the legs crossed. An important attribute of White tara is her seven eyes. They are visible on different parts of the body- two the usual ones, one one the forehead , two on the hands and remaining two on the feet. She is the goddess of compassion. Her blessings heal the source of the disease, bring health, beauty, strength and longevity.

The image is flaunted by rich ornaments and sparkling jewels. This work of metal crafts is a rarity.

About White Tara

White Tara is born of the tears of the Bodhisattva Avalokiteswara. When the Buddha of all the Buddhas – Avalokiteswara went into a state of profound compassion, the imbalance between the heart and mind and the sufferings made him cry. The tears flew to make a lake and a lotus sprang on its surface. From inside of the petals of this lotus, Tara appeared.White Tara embodies the spirit of compassion. She wears the ornaments of a Bodhisattva. Rainbow body practice is often associated with her. The white hue of her light when passes through prism of this life,s hines as rainbow representing the diversity of life. She embodies the oneness of all colors. Her seven eyes reveal the fact that her activities are carried out with omniscient awareness. She is deemed to bring health and prolong the life.

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