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Thousand Hands Buddha

Thousand Hands BuddhaDimensions : 12x9 Inches

Thousand Hands Ekadas Lokeswara Bodhisatva, the eleven headed Avalokiteswara is seen lost in meditation in this beautiful brass representation. The spiritual father Amitabha has endowed eleven heads and thousand hands to Avalokiteswara which the craftsman has carved in an intricate and arduous manner in this statue. The front eight hands are seen with different attributes held. Lokeswara is sitting on a big lotus with legs folded in padmaasana posture. The dimensions of the artifact are accurately taken care of that provide apt balance to all the sides of this rather big statue.


Who is Thousand Hands Ekadas Lokeswara In his manifestation with eleven heads, Avalokiteswara is Samantamukha or the faces towards all sides’ or the god who looks in every direction to protect its progenies. In this form he is known as Ekadash Lokeshwara. The legends say that Avalokiteswara, “the compassionate one", descended into hell and converted the wicked; liberated them and transformed the place to Sukhavati, the paradise of his spiritual father, Amitabha.

Avalokiteswara, the legends claim that his head split into ten pieces from grief and despair on discovering the extent of wickedness in the world and to find utter hopelessness of saving mankind. Amitabha transformed each split piece to become a fully developed head and placed the heads one over another on the body of his spiritual son. Avalokiteswara. Thus, the " One Looking Lord was endowed with twenty two eyes instead of two, to see all suffering people and eleven brains instead of one to concentrate on the best means of saving mankind. The three different sides of head indicate that Avalokiteswara looks down on the three worlds of desire, life and of no form.

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