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Medicine Buddha Statue

Medicine BuddhaDimensions : 9 X 6 Inches

This beautiful statue has been molded from brass and has 24 karat gold plating. It depicts Buddha as the ‘Bhaishajya Guru’, popularly known as the ‘Medicine Buddha’. Buddha is believed to have given both gifts of knowledge such as medicine and spiritual inspiration and guidance to his disciples. In this stance, he points towards the earth with his right hand and, and in his left hand he holds a small bowl containing five kinds of medicine. He is seated on a huge water lily and a vajra (thunderbolt) rests on its surface. His eyes are rapt in deep meditation.

Presence of the ‘usnisa’, elongated ears, along with the vajra reflects the Indian influenced aesthetics transmitted to Tibet via the art of the Nepal valley. The Medicine Buddha is the harbinger of good health and success. Along with being extremely beautiful, this handcrafted metal statue carries an air of propitiousness and blessings.

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