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Aparamita Statue

Aparamita StatueDimension: 9 x 6 x 4 Inches

The showcased Aparmita statue is diligently crafted by the gifted artisans. The face and the neck regions of this copper statue are glowing with the gold polish done impeccably. This crowned head image is beautifully decorated with gemstones and striking colors. Aparmita is sitting cross-legged on the lotus while his palms are put over one another in the lap holding an ambrosia vase, which is known to be the wine of immortality in Buddhist traditions. The hair are of dark blue color falling over either side of the shoulders. This statue is very famous in the Mahayana sect of Buddhism.

This is a phenomenal example of metal crafts.

Who is Aparmita?

Aparmita, in Buddhist traditions is a Bodhisattva or Crowned Buddha. Aparmita is known to be a bestower of long life. His image is found richly clad and adorned with thirteen different ornaments. His hair are painted dark blue and fell on either side of his shoulders. He is found in seated posture with both the hands held in Dhyana Mudra in his lap. He holds in his hands his special emblem – Ambrosia vase. The vase is richly decorated and from the cover fall four strings of beads which represent sacred pills.The ambrosia vase is richly decorated and four strings of beads resembling sacred pills fall from the cover. In Tibet and other adjacent regions, a special Lamaist ceremony is held to obtain long life. This ceremony is a curious mixture of Buddhism and demon-worship.

In the preliminary phase of worship, the pills made from buttered dough and the ambrosia brewed from spirit or beer are offered in a skull bowl to the great image of Aparmita. Lama, the priest then places a vajra on the ambrosia vase held by the Aparmita image and then he connects a cord from one end of that vajra to his own heart. The wine placed inside the ambrosia vase is then consecrated. People try to get atleast a little share of this wine and the sacred pills with a firm belief that this wine and pills will prolong their lives through the blessings of Aparmita.

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