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Green Tara Statue

Green Tara StatueDimensions : 9x6x4 Inches

The showcased handcrafted Green Tara statue is a copper image decorated beautifully with the shades of 24 karat gold on the face and other regions of the body. Tara the most revered female figure in Buddhism is made in her trademark posture here. She is sitting on a large lotus with both the legs not folded completely, right leg is out of the lotus.Left hand is raised in a special mudra while right hand is held on the right knee with the face of the palm open and fingers in a unique mudra. The whole statue is made of high quality copper and the craftsmen have done awe-inspiring work to bring

out this image to such a wonderful form.

About Green Tara

According to Buddhist traditions, Tara came to life through the tears of the compassion of Bodhisattva Avalokiteshwara. Traditions maintain that Avalokiteshwara wept out of the compassion for the sufferings of the people. His tears formed a lake and a lotus sprouted over it. When the petals of this lotus opened Goddess Tara revealed. Green Tara represents the female wisdom activity of the mind and she actually emanates from the air element (Amoghasiddhi Buddha) of Buddhism.

She is also called “Mother of all Buddhas” in some lower tantras of fire element (Buddha Amitabh) of Buddhism and has many peaceful and wrathful emanation forms. The meditation of Green Tara yields quick thinking and according wisdom reaction, generosity, magical perfection, fearlessness and spontaneity to reach a Karmic completion. She is identified by light blue upala flowers (paeonias) and dazzling jewels and rich clothes. Her sitting posture with right leg outside the lotus symbolizes her continuous activity, alertness an determination to help the needy. The gesture of her hands is of granting protection and freeing from fears. Her short mantra is: Om Tare Tutare Ture Svaha.

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