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Abhay Mudra - Buddha Mandala Thangka

Abhay Mudra - Buddha Mandala ThangkaDimension: 28 x 19 Inches

This hand painted Buddha Mandala Thangka is a fine example of a meditation mandala. Right at the center rests the Buddha in Abhay Mudra (gesture of protection and fearlessness), surrounded by Bodhisattvas and other religious symbols and icons pertinent to Buddhism. A Mandala is a device of meditation and serves to help focus the mind as one gazes at it. It is a Yantra that visually aids a transcendental spiritual journey towards perfection. Starting from the outer circles, one should proceed towards the center.

The various levels and activities in the painting help to reflect on diverse aspects of consciousness ultimately arriving at the serene center of Being. This mandala is presided by the Buddha in his Abhay Mudra, therefore, at the core of this spiritual journey – one gains confidence and wins over all kinds of inhibitions. Along with its spiritual significance, this Buddha Mandala thangka painting is exquisite in beauty and color.

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