Square Rug Round Table for Your Homes And Outside

Square area rugs are not common in the market, though they look fabulous in your small rooms. These rugs are best suitable for the small rooms or square rooms. The outdoor square rugs can also be kept at the porch or even in your veranda.

Square Rug for Round Tables

These small rugs look good even for the round tables. You can keep these rugs on the table as table covers. These rugs come in all sizes and designs.

Outdoor Square Rugs

These rugs can be kept on the veranda or porch. These outdoor square rugs are also available in all sizes and designs and colour codings.

Square Rugs Cheap From Online Rugs Stores

The square rugs are available in the rug shops. You can buy the square rugs cheap through these online shops.

History of Square Rugs

The square rugs are derivatives of Persian rugs, though Persian rugs generally have rectangular shapes. These square rugs are cousins of the round rugs. These square rugs have round designs and outer borders to give them square looks. All the Persian arts can be found in these rugs.

Designs Available In Square Area Rug Shops

  • Home Squares Rug- These are machine woven rugs with brown geometric patterns on them. These rugs have jute backing and have accented with woven details.
  • Isfahan Rugs- These rugs have soothing colours and elegant floral designs. Dye is injected tuft are used for bright colours and soft comfortable surface. These rugs are made up of 100% nylons with polypropylene backing.
  • Bianco Square Rugs- These rugs have multi-colours with asymmetrical patterns. The design is inspired by Mediterranean- inspired.
  • Bailey Rug- These rugs have polypropylene for durability and dye-injected tuft for overall comfort and beauty.
  • Stainmaster Rug- These rugs are shaped into cut pile weave and European inspired vintage themes. These rugs are made in rich brown colours and tanned with the Aubusson pattern.

There are numerous other designs that are present under the section of square rugs. These designs can be contemporary or classic in nature. New designs arrive with time.

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