Rugs in Unique Shapes

Area rugs can be used to create a dramatic and elegant touch to various rooms. Choose the rugs after deciding on how much floor space you want to cover using them. Most rugs come in a wide variety of sizes and shapes. The most common handmade rugs come in rectangular shape and in standardized sizes.

Odd shaped rugs are those that are available in unconventional shapes such as flower-shaped, heart-shaped and other such innovative shapes. These rugs are perfect to be placed in a contemporary style living room or children's rooms to create an attention-grabbing visual effect.

The term “shaped rug” is used to describe any rug that is custom-made or have an unconventional shape. Some of the examples of shaped rugs are circular rugs, oval area rugs, rectangular area rugs and square area rugs. You can get your own odd shaped rugs in any shape or design custom made, depending upon the rooms you want to use them in.

One of the unique rugs that are difficult to create is the octagon shaped rugs. These rugs are not only the most difficult to produce but also rare to find too. These can be used to create a stunning visual effect by placing them under a dining/cocktail table, near a bay window or even at an entry hallway that doesn’t have a regular shape.

Another one of the odd shaped rugs that is a good choice for making a room look striking is a round shaped rug. These rugs are rather hard to find since modern floor rugs are rarely found in a round shape. A round shaped rug can lend a fresh touch to a structured room. Hand woven rugs in both oval and round shapes made in Iran are hugely popular for their medallion-like layout.

If you have certain rooms in your home that are rather challenging to decorate due to their strange shape and dimension, odd shaped rugs are your best bet in order to soften the entire room and to create a focal point which goes well with the overall interior design theme. If the room is big enough, you can opt for a round rug to be placed in the middle of the floor and it will help in defining the space in a better and effective manner.

For those odd shaped rooms where a round rug will not look good, choose a square rug of appropriate dimension and of course, with the right kind of design and colors too. Simply placing odd shaped rugs will not work unless the design and the colors are also matching the décor.

Intricately woven area rugs in interesting designs, patterns, materials and colors can work wonders to define the odd shaped spaces in the rooms of your home.

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