Runner Rugs for Your Stairs and Hallways

Rugs are a great and easy way to bring in color and contrast to the various areas in your home. Runner rugs are those that are used for staircases and hallways. The two main types of runner rugs are those meant for stairways and in the hallways and they come in plenty of different designs.

Hallways and stairways are two areas in one’s home that generally has a high level of foot traffic. As can be expected, entry areas in the house are prone to having more foot traffic and runner rugs are useful in that they can provide a non-slip surface in such places. Besides their utility factor, runner rugs also add a decorative and pleasing touch to such areas inside your home. They can also be used in kitchens and you can choose a long and narrow rug that fits the floor space.

Runners come in various materials and these rugs are easily available too. You have natural fibers such as jute and wool as well as synthetic materials such as nylon and acrylic. You will also find that most of these rugs are a blend of different fibers so as to make them durable and versatile as well as affordable. The affordable runners are generally machine-made while there are expensive hand-made woolen rugs that are truly works of art.

Generally, a runner rug for the hallway is about 3 feet wide and its length can range from 5 feet to 20 feet, depending on the dimensions of the area where you plan to use it. A hall runner can be placed on wooden floors or tile floors and even where you have done wall-to-wall carpeting. Using a non-slip backing is essential to make sure that the runner to prevent people from slipping on it.
A runner rug can be used in homes which has each room done in a different decorative style because by choosing the right kind of pattern, design and color, it can help in a smooth and seamless transition from one room to the other.

A runner that is used in the stairways usually cover the middle of each of the stairs and offer protection to stairs made of wood and they also offer a striking visual contrast against the wood.

You should not use ordinary rugs that are meant for other areas of the house as runners since most of them will not provide the kind of grip needed against slipping. Stairway runner rugs work best when they are attached to the stairs by means of heavy-duty staples or stair rods meant to hold them in place or with the help of carpet tacks or double-sided adhesive strips.

Most of us associate a runner rug with practicality alone. But, the pleasantly surprising thing about these rugs is that there is a whole world of interesting design possibilities in this genre too. Choose the right type of material, size and style and you can transform those areas in your home that are generally neglected.

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