Rectangle-shaped Rugs

Area rugs are generally used to great visual effect inside a room as they can instantly add a splash of color to a drab room and bring out an interesting twist to it with the pattern chosen. They also can be used to damp down sound or improve the acoustic level inside rooms besides providing a soft surface on which one can walk.

While looking to buy an area rug for different rooms inside your home, you need to decide on the shape as well as appropriate size of the rug that would match each of them. The two most common shapes of area rugs are rectangular and circular (round).

Generally, most of the rooms in a home tend to be square or rectangular in shape. Rectangular rugs come in a wide variety of sizes so as to fit into rooms of varying dimensions. Rectangular rugs are best suited for covering large floor areas since they offer a nice contrast when spread out on the floors.

Before deciding on a rectangular rug, you should first decide on what is the purpose it should serve. You can use rectangular rugs to cover a hallway or place it under a dining table or a coffee table, or even cover the entire room. The size of the rug will be determined by how you intend to use it and where you want to use it. Door mats are usually in the shape of rectangular rugs. If you have very large living areas inside your home, you can use rectangular rugs to define the areas by placing your sofa set or coffee table on rugs of suitable size.

Since they are the most common shape, these rugs come in various standardized sizes. You can buy rugs that are as small as 2 feet by 3 feet to be used as doormats to large ones with 14 feet by 21 feet dimensions that can be used for covering a larger floor area.

Before buying a rectangular rug, you should carefully measure the floor area you intend to cover and always make sure to leave enough floor space around the rug exposed so that the rug’s pattern, color and design can be brought out perfectly. You should also keep in mind the manner in which your furniture has been arranged in the room so that the rug can be placed accordingly.
While choosing the material of the rectangular rugs, the consideration should be on the type of wear-and-tear it will be subjected to in certain areas of your home. You will get polypropylene braided rectangular rugs that are sturdy as well as long lasting due to their water, mildew and mold resistant properties. These rugs are perfect for outdoor usage and these colorfast rugs are good to be placed even indoors too.

By choosing the right color combinations, you can use a braided rectangular rug to turn a dull hallway into an inviting one. You can even use these rugs under round shaped tables in order to create an interesting contrast between the roundness of the table and the square-shape of the rug.

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