Round-shaped Rugs

Rug hooking is an interesting hand craft that creates striking rugs that can be used to add color and verve to your interiors. There are several styles from which one can choose rugs. When it comes to buying rugs to be used in the different rooms and areas inside your home, you can buy one belonging to styles such as oriental, braided, outdoor, traditional, odd-shaped, contemporary, shag rugs or novelty.

Among the various shapes from which you choose the rugs, round or circular rugs are unique. Round rugs are versatile and can be used inside the house as well as in outside areas which need a dash of color. Round rugs also come in an exhaustive range of patterns and colors to suit any color scheme of the house. The different materials in which round rugs can be obtained range from natural fibers such as cotton , silk, wool, leather and linen to other synthetic fibers which are easier to clean and maintain.

The type of fabric you can choose will depend on the area of your house where you intend to place the rugs. For areas having high foot traffic inside your home, it is better to choose round rugs made of wool. For a dining room, you should opt for rugs made of synthetic fibers so that it is easier to clean in case of spills of food or drinks on it.

Besides the prominent areas such as dining rooms and living rooms, these round rugs can be placed in areas such as kitchen, bathrooms and sometimes even outside, on a sun deck or patio. These rugs can also protect your wooden flooring and aid in both keeping heat inside the rooms as well as out of them depending on the seasons. Round rugs of appropriate size and texture can be placed in areas where you tend to slip.

When using outdoors, make sure that the rugs are water and heat resistant so as to prevent them from getting damaged or their colors from fading by the sun. Circular shaped rugs that are placed as door mats or in areas such as the terrace, verandah or swimming pool should be made of synthetic materials such as polypropylene that can withstand the onslaught of the elements. Besides, such rugs can be used with a bit of imagination in order to transform your outdoor areas in such a way that they match and complement your interiors

A circular rug can be used to dramatic effect in those rooms that has a boxy or angular feel to them, thereby softening up the room and creates an open feel to an otherwise closed one. You can use a braided round rug to add a country feel and these rugs are so versatile that no matter which pattern or color you choose, a round area rug can add that extra charm to your home décor. There are several area rugs that is suitable for different rooms in your home and which can be fashionable as well as durable.

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