Oval Rug Pads for Your Drawing Rooms

Oval rugs fall under the category of contemporary designed rugs. These rugs are oval in shape and give a completely new look to your homes. These rugs may also be used as door mats. The oval rug pads may come in all sizes and all colour combination.

Oval Rugs- Places to Keep

These rugs are contemporary styled rugs. These rugs are preferably kept in the drawing rooms to drag the attention of the visitors towards the rugs. These rugs define the area where the rugs are kept. These rugs come in all sizes and hence can snugly fit in any of the corners of the room. The kids will love these rugs and hence you may keep these rugs in the kids’ room as well. These rugs may also be kept at the bed side.

Floral Oval Rugs and Other Designs

The floral rugs look best under the oval rug segment. Striped rugs are also available in the market and look good in nearly all kinds of room structures. The autumn and spring designs look good in these rugs.

Colour Combinations of the Oval Rugs

Blue, green, yellow, brown are playful colours and they look good in these rugs. These rugs are found in all types of possible colours. Red rugs look like Persian style rugs and they also look good for your rooms.

Raw Materials Used In Making the Circular Area Rugs

These rugs are mostly made up of wools. Though some people may also prefer silk or cotton for the rugs. The rug backs are made up of jute and these jutes give strength to the rugs.

Purpose of Having Rugs At Home

There can be two main purposes for having rugs at home. The main purpose of the rugs is to keep the floor warm during the winter season. These rugs can also be used for the mere purpose of decorating your rooms. These rugs provide excellent seats for your naughty kids and pets too.

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