Interlacing of Threads:

Weaving is an ancient textile art and craft. In general, weaving involves the interlacing of two sets of threads at right angles to each other called the warp and the weft. Although some forms of weaving may use other methods, the warps are held taut and in parallel order, typically by means of a loom. The loom is dressed with the warp threads passing through heddles on two or more harnesses. The warp threads are moved up or down by the harnesses creating a space called the shed. The raising & lowering sequence of warp threads gives rise to many possible weave structures from the simplest plain weave.

Both warp and weft can be visible in the final product. This cloth can be plain like in one color or a simple pattern or it can be woven in decorative or artistic designs. Hand weaving, along with hand spinning, is also a popular craft. Weavers use wooden looms to create rugs, fabrics, and tapestries.

Indian Weaving

Indian weaving materials like silks brocades and cottons still rule the ramp in the West. What sets Indian fabrics at upper level is excellent workmanship, colors and durability. Here is a quick summary of some of the best-known textile weaves and prints of India.

Bandhani/ Tie-and-Dye

In Rajasthan, Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh cotton or silk cloth is tied into sections to exclude the dye to get a two-color effect. For a more intricate design, different sections are tied at every stage of dyeing and a variety of colors used. Thereafter, the fabric opens out into amazing design like dots, circles, squares, waves and stripes.

In this process the fabric is painted with molten wax and then dyed in cold dyes, Batik is done on a large scale in Madhya Pradesh. Multi-colored batik saris, dupattas and bed sheets are popular for their contrasting color schemes


This is especially fascinating for foreigners. It is the printing technique of cloth with carved wooden blocks. Jaipur, Ajmer, Udaipur, Chittorgarh, Jodhpur and Bikaner in Rajasthan are the joints of this craft.


It is a complex and rather meticulous process which involves the repeated dyeing of the warp and weft threads before the cloth is woven. Both Andhra Pradesh and Orissa are major centers of ikat weaving in silk and cotton.

Metal-thread Brocades

Banarasi brocades of Uttar Pradesh are known for their richness and glamour.

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