Scrap Booking

Introduction and Genesis:

Scrap Booking is a medium of preserving history or passed moments captured in photographs or in flowery writings in decorated albums and scrapbooks. Scrapbooks are the visual stories unfolded step by step. Photo scrap booking became popular since photos became common to ordinary people. These scrapbooks had photographs with brief captions of when and where they are taken. Scrap booking originated in 1976 and then on the idea of scrap booking gradually became popular among common man.

By this time people began searching for fresh ideas for preserving their memories. Scrap booking, as a hobby is very popular amongst the people of United States.

Features and Materials Used:

Among the chief scrap booking materials, the most important one is the album bound or left loose for application of pages. Some other important materials are mini albums and fold out albums.scrapbooking in modern concept is done on 12x 12 or 8½ x 11 pages. Some fundamental materials needed for modern scrap booking are background papers, corner mounts for photos, art pens, scissors and glues. Some other elaborate scrap booking art requires following list of items, templates, craft punches, inking, and stencils, stamps made of rubber, tools and die cut machines. Essential elements needed for scrap booking are photographs, tickets, postcards and other memorable sources.

Growing Popularity:

Scrap booking is not restricted to a set of rules and regulations. It completely depends on the creativity of a person with the increasing popularity of scrap booking more and more resources are available for professionals in this field. With the growing popularity of scrap booking digital scrap booking is a growing interest of scrap bookers.

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