Leather Carving

Leather carving implies using metal implements to apply pressure on moist leather in order to give the two-dimensional surface a three-dimensional look. The main tools used for leather carving are veiner, pear shader, swivel knife, beveler, seeder, backgrounder and cam. In leather carving the leather is first cut and many different tools are used for bringing different effects. The outline of the leather is cut with the help of a swivel knife. After this the background of the leather is crushed with different other tools. Actually in carving the back grounding is done to enhance the effect of design.

Through this process only heavy leathers can be carved but from the tooling method one other method of light leather carving, light leathers can also be carved. The tooling process of leather carving is very easy as only two easily available tools spoon and tracer are required for this process. But there is one difficulty with the toole briefcases, sheaths, purses, jewelry, trinkets, book covers, toys, photo albums and many such things are found.

In the beginning for many years the craft of leather carving was like a secret trade which only expert leather carvers used to practice and learn this art form. But later on and in past twenty five years many have joined this art and even have taken this trade as there full time profession this has become possible only because of publishing of different books with the detail information on the materials and the work of leather carving.

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