Leather Work

Leather is a type of material which is made by tanning the animal’s skin. Leather is an important material of use it has many uses especially it is used in making leather shoes, purses and even leather is used in making glue and gelatin.


Leather work can be classified into four major types as follows:

Leather painting: leather painting is a type of leather work of painting the leather surfaces. Leather painting is generally done with the help of acrylic paints.

Leather dying: leather dying is a type of leather work which is done with the help of alcoholic dyes. The reason behind using the alcoholic paints is that the alcohol easily gets absorbed in the moist leather.

Leather craving: leather carving is done by using metal equipments and a three dimensional look is given to a two dimensional surface by using some important tools like veiner, swivel knives, seeder, cam and backgrounder.

Leather Stamping: leather work also includes leather stamping. In leather stamping some finely shaped stamps are taken to create a printing impression on leather surface. These stamps are available in various sizes and shape some represent a geometric pattern while others represent animal features.

Leather Craft in India:

Leather craft tradition in India has emerged since the Indus valley civilization. We can find a good evidence through ancient epics and literatures where saints and sages were shown meditating by sitting on animal skins. In modern India the leather work has taken a shape of a big industry. Fine quality leather items like shoes, pouches, belts, bags and purses, stuffed toys and many such items are produced in thick quality and exported to various off shore countries. Bikaner and jaiselmer the states of Rajasthan are very famous for producing leather saddles. Again west Bengal is also very famous for producing decorative leather items.

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