Beading is a decoration of some round pieces of materials like glass, plastic and wood pierced with the purpose of stringing and threading. It is a decoration of series of flattened beads. Beading includes a process of attaching rows of glass beads to create a decorative glass surface. Beading is a craft of creating beautiful decorative pieces with beads The beading stones are weaved together with the help of a special quality of thread or wire.

Types of Beading:

There are different types of beading done on different decorative pieces these beads types are:

Agate beading- Agate beading is a beadwork which looks like gemstone agate. The beading glass has white swirl of color.

Color Lined beading- This is a transparent beadwork having an opaque color. This color fades off due to some stringing materials.

Cut Beading- Cut beading is a beadwork that makes hex cuts also called 3 cut and 6 cut.

Charlotte Beadings: Charlotte beadings have single cuts on either side of a bead producing sparkling affect. Charlotte beads are generally found in size around 13 inches.

Lined beading- gold lined beading is done with gold the beads used have a gold lining inside.

Opal Beading- Opals are partly transparent glass beading which reflects light. There are certain other varieties of beading too these are, silky, satin, silver lined, tortoise shell, white heart and many more.

Popularity of Beading

Beading is very popular in modern society. People like to have this work in every decorative item. Many people cherish this craft as their favorite hobby, while others have accepted as their full time profession. Around all the parts of globe beads are liked by a large number of people.

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