Art is an outward expression of one’s creative qualities and is an outcome of our hidden talents. Art is a medium of creating beautiful and momentous qualities. Though art and artistic excellence is something acquired and inborn, still it can be learnt by regular practice and minute observation. In more elaborate way we can say that it is an expression of ones imagination and creativity. Art always stimulates our emotions, beliefs, thoughts, and ideas through our senses.

Art describes many things like, studying creative skills; way or idea of utilizing those creative skills, art is also an outcome of creative excellence. There are many theories on art the first theory is that art is aesthetic it a best way of defining art

Art is always symbolized by its cultural background there is always a great impact of culture found on the nature of art. There remains a great dispute on if a particular form or work can be counted as art or not.

A creative art is divided into many categories like; decorative art, performing art, plastic art and literature. Some popular art forms are drawing, painting, sculpturing, music, poetry, cinema, architecture, theatre, photography and cartooning. India is rich in art and craft. Every corner of India is uniquely associated with art and excellence. We can find a good evidence of Indian art through the sources and manuscripts found in the excavations of Mohenjodaro and Harappa.

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