Leather Painting

Charming World of Painting:
Painting is an art of applying color on a surface rough or smooth of paper, canvas, wood, glass or anything that suits to the artist. Painting is used as a medium of artistic expressions. The basic nature of painting is either naturalistic or representational. The most ancient painting is preserved in France which are claimed to be about 32,000 years old. There are different types of paintings like, abstract paintings, semi abstract paintings, sculpture paintings, landscape paintings, digital paintings, wood paintings, glass paintings, fabric paintings, leather paintings and many other types.

This page of India crafts focuses especially on leather painting and nature of leather painting.

What is Leather Painting

Leather painting is a mechanism which is done on the leather Though leather painting and leather dyeing sounds similar but they are not same because in leather painting, the paint remains on the leather surface while in leather dyeing the dye is absorbed by the leather. There are 3 dimensional leather paintings which are generally painted on fine quality leather. For making leather paintings mostly acrylic paints are used on leather pictures such pictures are not framed with glass because it make the leather mold. Leather painting is an active part of leather crafting where leather is used in art works by applying the techniques of shaping and coloring.

Modern leather painting is very famous, it is specially done on sofas, chairs, tables and other decorative furniture’s this keeps the interiors simple mixed with exotic style without ruffles, trim or ornamentation.

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