Martial Arts

A Skill of Defence and Confidence:
Martial arts are a system of practicing specific fighting skills. Martial arts are practiced for fitness, self defence, sport, meditation, discipline and for building high level of self confidence. One who practices this art is called martial artist. However there is a great difference in this art form in different parts of world but whatever may be the difference worldwide the skill is practiced with one particular reason that is to defend oneself by defeating the other.

No Certain Origin

Martial art focuses on many areas like weaponry, striking and grappling. There is not a single historical origin of martial arts in fact it has a multifaceted history which tells that this art has emerged when many people in order to defend themselves physically from outer dangers discovered some fighting techniques. Many of the martial arts have their military origin.
Various forms of Martial Arts

In modern world almost every country and even the remote villages have trained martial artists. These artists pass off their knowledge in this field to ardent patrons.

In modern days this art form is practiced in almost all parts of world in the forms of Fencing, Archery, Javelin, Boxing, judo, wrestling and Tae Kwon Do. Glimpses of these art forms are even seen in the world Olympic games. Martial arts methods are also practiced in military and police services in the forms of arrest and self defence methods, it is also practiced in modern day battle fields.

Wide Reach of Martial Art:

Martial arts forms are even practiced in sports like the Judo, archery, wrestling, boxing, fencing and many other forms were played in the Olympic Games. Martial arts is also practiced in many modern dance forms like Haka dance of New Zealand, Maasai a type of jumping dance, Khattak dance of Afghanistan, and Hula and lua of Hawaiian culture.

In course of time many martial arts schools have developed worldwide with many interesting candidates taking active participation in this art form.

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