Mixed Media

Mixed media is a combination of various art forms. Mixed media is an art form, where in order to finish one artwork, many art forms are employed. Mixed media is a work of visual art it combines various traditional art mediums. By employing mixed media in a particular art form an excellent effect can be achieved. Though Mixed media art form and multi media sounds alike but they are not identical and must never be confused. There are good differences between them for instance- mixed media is that type of art where various traditional art forms are employed together. While multi media holds a broader meaning. It is a combination of both visual and non-visual elements like light, picture, sound, dance, drama, emotion, graphics and music combining with sound.

If you are drawing a painting applying the technique of mixed media, carefully select the layers and let the layers to dry out properly. If you are using different media patterns in your art form, a proper selection of foundation on which there remains the pressure of many layers, is very necessary.

Through mixed media different interesting effects can easily be brought forth. But it is the responsibility of the artisans to make proper combination of all traditional Media. If done with great care the mixed media artwork can earn good reputation from the art lovers. Mixed media is an expression of visual art combining various other traditional art forms like painting on a paper or a canvas is done including paint, ink and certain other things. It could be called mixed media not multi media as multi media has more elaborate aspects like light, picture, sound etc.

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