Learn About The Different Varieties Of Good Rug Hooking Wool

Rug hooking is considered to be one of the most expressive and artistic folk crafts. Expertly hooked area rugs make a wonderful addition to homes and relive the rather austere look if you are fond of plain and simple lines for home décor. Learning to make hooking rugs can also prove to be an enjoyable pastime as you are liable to find out yourself once you begin learning the exquisite art.

However, it is important to have all the essential materials ready at hand once you settle down to make an area rug of hooking wool. You might actually be perplexed at finding a wide range of variety when it comes to the rug hooking wool. It is quite difficult to discern which one will work best for you. It will be a good idea to study about the various types of wool as well as their effectiveness as a good rug hooking wool. Let us take a look at the wools and their desirability when it comes to using them for hooking rugs.

  • Virgin Wool- Absolutely new wool which comes straight from the source and has not been used in garments before. This is considered to be very good as rug hooking wool as it is both strong and elastic, not having been gone through cycles of washing as yet.
  • Pendleton Wool- The name signifies that it is the product of Pendleton Company which is a well known US mill. The Flannel wool from the same company is actually a woolen type of fabric which usually consists of a plain weave or even a simple check or stripe at times. The brushed finish is responsible for the sheen that is evident in such a woolen fabric. Both the wool as well as the woolen fabric serve their purpose as a good rug hooking wool.
  • Tweeds- A heavier type of wool usually found in the colder regions bordering England and Scotland. They are usually woven from the coarse fleece of the Cheviots or Herwicks breed of sheep found in the area. They are often available in a number of hues and have a kind of a hairy finish. They are extremely effective as hooking wools too. Donegal Tweed, on the other hand, is produced in Ireland and woven from black and white yarns. Hooking with the Donegal variety can also lend a unique look to your hand hooked rug as well.
  • Worsted- This type of wool is made from the longer staple variety usually Merino. It has a highly twisted look and is completely non hairy. Most of the cloth woven from the worsted yarns is finished with a twill. Although considered to be good for clothing they are not adequate for hooking purposes. The wool tends to unravel due to its hairless property when felted or ‘fulled’.

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