Primitive Rug Hooking Designs- Designs for the Rugs

The rugs have been prevalent in the American and European society since ages. During the ancient times these rugs were painstakingly prepared to protect the family against the chilling cold of the winter season. They used to make the rugs of the size of the floor and keep these rugs on the floor to cut down the bone chilling cold. Today these rugs have taken their place on the walls as decorative items, on stool and table tops as covers and foot mats. There are several primitive rug hooking designs available in the market which can be effectively used to make the rugs at home.

Primitive Rug Hooking Kits

You can make the rugs at home. For this, several kits are available in the market through which you can prepare your own designer rugs at home. These kits are mainly of two types, the beginners and the advance. The beginner’s kits come with frames and are comparatively expensive due to the frames, though you can prepare the frames at homes as well. The advance kits have the frames missing in the kits. Both the beginner’s kits and advance kits have a primitive linen, woolen strips, designs drawn on the linen and hook. The frames may or may not be included in the kits.

Importance of the Primitive Rug Hooking Designs

The primitive linen comes with several types of primitive rug hooking patterns. These patterns are created keeping in mind the place where the rugs are to be kept. The round stool or round table tops generally have designs which are round in shape. The wall hangers generally have rectangular designs of fruits, animals or scenery. Though there is no thumb rule behind the designs but these patterns are generally followed while drawing designs on the rugs.

Primitive Rug Hooking Patterns- The Features

The designs are hand drawn in the linen. While drawing the outlines the linen is kept taunt and the outline travels through the edges of the holes, so that the rug doesn’t get frayed while making them. The smaller designs are also made big enough so that the strips don’t get shapeless. Very small designs are generally avoided as they seem to either disappear in the mesh work of the wool or else damage the overall beautification of the rugs. The shape of the designs can be round, square and triangle, but avoid the hazy or zig zag designs, as the rugs become very difficult to make with the zig zag designs. Either you may make your own designs with the pencils or else the kits available in the market too have designs already made on the linen.

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