How to make a rug hooking frame?

Rugs were made since centuries in the European and American homes to keep away the cold of the winter season. These rugs are kept on the floors to cut down the cold. The primitive rugs were made painstakingly with the help of the whole family. And, it took months of hard work to put the rug pieces together. The rugs are of large size and they need large frames to keep the rugs in place while making them.

Rug Hooking Frame Cover

The frames of the rugs are needed to keep the linen taunt while making the rug. These frames are also needed to be of large size to make the rugs big enough to cover the floor of the room. There are several rug hooking frame plans through which you can make the rugs.

Rug Hooking Frame Plans

Mentioned below are two ways of making the frames, though there are other ways of making frames as well.

First Method of Making Rug Hooking Frame Cover

To make the rugs by this method you don’t have to do much work and you even don’t require materials which are difficult to get.

  • You will need four plastic PVC pipes for making the frame of the rug.
  • The pipes are light-weighted and easily available in the market.
  • You need to measure the pipes into 3 foot lengths each. Once measured you can cut down the pipes with hacksaw or can hire a lumberyard to cut the pipes for you.
  • Now take an elbow and place one on each of the four corners of the pipes to attach the four pieces of the PVC pipes together.
  • Now take glue and stick the ends of the pipes and the elbows together. Allow the glue to dry so that the pipes get attached permanently to each other and a strong frame is created.
  • Now put the linen on the frame and stretch it tightly across the frame. Now clamp the cloth on the sides of the frame by clamps.


Second method of rug hooking frame

  • Take 4 stretcher bars and join them together by snaping them together.
  • Now cut the carpet tack strips to the size of the stretcher bars. You can use a saw to cut the tack strips.
  • Now hammer the nails to the 4 stretcher bars to join the bars together.
  • Now cut foam core board to match the size of the stretcher bars.
  • Lastly take the fabric on the carpet tack nails and stretch it over. Now press down the nails to protect your hands against accidental hits and bruises.

These frames are large frames and are permanent frames. These are easy to make and use.

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