Tips For Creating Interesting Rug Hooking Patterns

Learning to create a beautiful piece of craft can give you a satisfaction that is bound to remain unsurpassed. Gifting a rug made by you or even finding a one with beautiful rug hooking patterns might make your day apart from enlivening your home. Another important aspect of learning a craft that is unusual would be to generate an income. You will be quite surprised to see how the knowledge of rug hooking patterns might help you to set up a serviceable trade. It is not mandatory to invest a large amount of money while trying to make an area rug with rug hooking patterns either. All you need is patience and skills apart from the following which are easily available and favourably priced.

  • Colourful yarns
  • Hooks
  • Canvas Grid Pattern

While the rug hooking patterns look somewhat similar to crocheting or a cross stitch. The completed rug depicts a diverse picture and looks beautiful when it is sprawled out on the floor or hangs on the wall as an alternative and attractive form of tapestry.

The colourful yarns are the most important articles that requires your undivided attention. You need to conjure up the picture of your completed product and then select the colours. Using a combination of two contrasting colours is common enough. However, you can certainly go in for multiple colours or stick to a single colour with yarns of different shades thus emphasizing the minute details of your pattern.

The hook is yet another tool that is absolutely essential in order to create a pattern. The yarns are usually doubled over and inserted into the hook which is then pierced into the canvas. They are then hooked and pulled back before being tied securely. The same course is repeated over and over again and you will soon find the pattern taking shape under your dexterous fingers.

The canvas almost always comes with a pattern which is then filled neatly with the coloured yarns. It is always advisable to start with a simple pattern before graduating to the more complex and intricate stuff. However, if you are sure of your skill or have been at it for years together, you can always opt for a plain piece of canvas and create your own pattern from scratch. While it may be a little more time consuming and takes meticulous planning, the satisfaction that you derive after successfully creating it is considerably greater too.

Beginners can always search the market and find a complete kit which contains all the essentials of creating a beautiful latched hooked rug. Even the colour combination is included within it with the necessary coloured pieces of yarns being available as integral parts of the kits.

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