Learn Rug Hooking

Rug hooking is considered to be one of the easiest crafts that can be done by hand. With wool or other suitable fabric strips which are pulled in loops through a backing, you can create beautiful as well as functional rugs. Rug hooking can help you create decorative items for your home by giving wings to your creative expression through the various designs and colors you choose.

For those who are keen to learn the art of rug hooking, there are several rug hooking classes run by both experts as well as enthusiasts. Since there are an impressive variety of hooked rugs that necessitates learning the particular technique involved in making each one of them, these rug hooking classes are a good idea to attend.

Rug hooking classes provide you with a professional experience that makes you learn the tips and tricks essential for coming up wonderfully designed rugs on your own. These classes range from those who are beginners right up to those who are rather experts in the art of rug hooking. By attending one of these classes, you get an opportunity to meet several likeminded people who can impart new knowledge to you and with whom you can exchange notes regarding latest techniques, types of designs, color patterns and also the best type of materials to use for created the various styles of rugs.

From classic designs to delicate floral ones, from hand-dyed wool to synthetic fabrics, from the ubiquitous rectangle rugs to the odd-shaped rugs, you get to learn about it all by enrolling yourself in one of the rug hooking classes. These classes also give you an opportunity to learn from those experts whose specialty areas sound unfamiliar to you. Besides, in most of such classes, you will get individual attention so that you can refine or correct any mistakes in your rug hooking technique.

Being present at a rug hooking camp with several other participants as well as the presence of expert teachers can act as a great motivation for learning new things and finish creating an attractive design during the course of the camp. The entire supportive atmosphere of such classes can bring out one’s creativity and give it the much needed boost.

Some of these classes provide a mixture of traditional rug hooking and other contemporary rugs using mixed media and unique fabrics. You will also be able to learn to hook rugs of varying sizes, shapes, designs, color palette and learn things such as rug dyeing too. Some of the courses that are typically offered by the rug hooking classes are hooking using alternative fibers and fabrics, primitive rug making, hooking oriental rugs, pictorials, florals and geometrics with lessons on how to create optical illusions while hooking rugs.

Attending one of the classes is a useful way to interact with other rug hooking enthusiasts, pick up new skills, improve your rug hooking ability and learn different methods.

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