Create A Cosy Space For Yourself With Outdoor Area Rugs

While area rugs offer protection and help to liven up your indoors, they can be useful when placed just outside your home too. Patios, porches and verandahs can definitely look inviting with outdoor area rugs placed strategically. It might also be a good idea to convert your patio into an additional room which is both functional as well as decorative. The area can be converted into a sitting area with a few handy yet durable pieces of furniture along with a small low table. Doing away with the usual furniture and opting for a comfortable hammock or a swing will definitely look even more inviting. Warm and beautiful outdoor area rugs placed on the floor or even on the back of a settee instead of being underfoot will serve the purpose equally well.

Let us now take a look where such rugs can be utilized.

  • Porches
  • Balcony
  • Patios
  • Gazebos
  • Breezeways
  • Decks

However, there are certain fundamental aspects that you need to ponder upon before you decide to make use of decorative additions like outdoor area rugs. Being exposed to the natural elements as well as the vagaries of weather might take its toll on the outdoor area rugs thereby shortening its life span quite a bit.

Take a long, hard look at the particular area that you have marked as the display point of your beautiful rug. The size of the rug is another question that may seem to be a trifle confusing. The best way to solve the problem is to think whether your rug will look good as a centerpiece or whether you want to enliven the comparatively darker corners by strewing the smaller sized rugs here and there. The need for matching it with the other décor in the small space is imperative as well. The best way to ascertain the exact size of your outdoor rug is to find one that measures about three inches less than the flooring itself. This will result in a particularly pleasing border like effect while it also serves the practical purpose of being easily cleaned whenever required.

The durability of the outdoor rug is of prime importance. Normally the rugs that are used outdoors are made of a sturdier material Most of them are moisture resistant and resistant to strong sunlight with the colour not fading very easily. However, the exact location plays an important part in the selection of outdoor area rugs as well. A rug which is placed alongside a swimming pool needs to be stain and chemical resistant along with being able to remain damage free when exposed to the water droplets that tend to spill out during diving or a vigorous bout of swimming.

A material that is easily crushed or tears on being subjected to a heavy foot that lands plonk in the middle of it will certainly not do when you are looking for a rug that can be placed outdoors either.

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