Tips About Choosing Good Fireplace Rugs

One’s home is almost always considered to be the most comfortable and warm place. It is of little wonder that most of us would like to huddle inside our homes basking near the fireplace on a wintry day while the temperature drops sharply outside. Most places that have to bear the brunt of a chilly winter are equipped with fireplaces. While the modern day fireplaces are almost always heated by electricity while we get an illusion of the glowing embers, the old cottages in the remote locations still survive on wood fires and listening to the sharp crackling sound of logs burning within the fireplace giving out a pleasant warmth can be inviting indeed.

However, the wooden flooring or even a stone one can be spoiled by the fleeting ash or glowing embers that may accidentally fall on the floor. Covering the area with serviceable fireplace rugs have been in vougue from time immemorial. The rug serves to protect the floor from scars and stains and provides a comfortable place to sprawl out on the floor, heating yourself while the snow falls outside turning the countryside entirely white.

While the fireplace rugs of yesteryears were mostly made up of wool, it ended up getting damaged even if the floor and the other artifacts or furniture placed around it remained intact. Consequently, one had to invest in new fireplace rugs almost every winter thus making it a recurring expenditure year after year. However, things have changed now. The modern fireplace rugs are made of far more durable materials and almost all of them are fire resistant in nature. Sparks from the flame are not a dreaded thing any more as each of these specialized fireplace rugs have self extinguishing properties. The hot ash can simply be brushed away from its surface making it as good as new. Further more, you can get rid of any discoloration that may occur due to its constant exposure to smoke by washing it once in a while.

Apart from the safety factor it is necessary to look for a fireplace rug that blends with one’s interior. There are several factors that you need to consider while opting for an area rug that is meant to be placed near the fireplace. They are:-

  • Material
  • Colour
  • Pattern
  • Size
  • Fire Resistance
  • Wash Proof

It is important to purchase the right kind of rug. You may get one for a cheaper price but the entire purpose will be lost. The dangers of opting for a relatively cheap rug are manifold; they may catch fire leaving you vulnerable to accidents as well. While it is absolutely all right to go for a stylish rug that enhances your home, adorning it in the process, it is also wise to be practical too. An ideal combination of looks as well as functionality will augur well for you helping you to spruce up your interiors while staying safe at the same time.

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