How Can You Keep Your Indoor Area Rug Absolutely Spotless

Adorning your interiors with a variety of area rugs will indeed add a whole new dimension to your home décor.  Uniquely shaped and coloured and made up of a number of fabrics as well as green fibers like bamboo or straw can definitely help you to add to the atmosphere while you feel the satisfaction of doing your bit for the environment. An indoor area rugs are the once that you need to take care of the most. While they may not actually require to be treated with extreme care and caution as do your expensive carpets, the rugs still require to be cleaned once in a while. The best way of cleaning your indoor area rug depend on the actual size as well as the material involved. However, you do adhere to a few basics while taking care of the beautiful area rugs that help to convert an impersonal house into a loving home.

So what do you need to do? Here are some tips which will go a long way in helping you to keep your home ensconced in rugs and shining bright for ever:-

  • If you have rugs on the floor for your children to play on, you need to check it regularly  for  debris or mess that may somehow get on the top of a bright colourful patch. Cleaning it as soon as possible is the best option. Use a rag soaked in a little soap and water and scrape of the mess. Drying it with a room heater or by means of a vacuum cleaner will help you to make it as good as new again.  Putting off the cleaning may result in a stain which will be quite impossible to get rid off thereby marring your beautiful indoor area rug for life.
  • Once the stain becomes permanent you can only hope to remove it with considerable difficulty. Use an alcohol based cleaner or even benzene to clean it up if it happens to be something that you cannot remove with the aid of simple soap and water. Paint stains or grease are often cleaned up by the above mentioned processes too.
  • And if your kids decide to challenge your abilities by dropping gum on your precious indoor area rug, there’s a way too. The only thing it takes is a lot of patience. Wet the area around the dried gum very carefully indeed. Then use a butter knife to scrape it off from the surface of your rug. You will find that the entire blob of dried gum coming off easily as it loosens. A word of caution here though! Do not hurry! You have to be extremely careful while scrapping of the gum lest your indoor rug gets torn or nicked by the knife. Once it is safely off the surface clean the stain off in the usual manner.

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