Why Opt For Extra Large Area Rugs?

Strategically placed area rugs within your rooms look attractive indeed. A brightly coloured rug contrasts interestingly with a plain background adding élan to your painstakingly done up interiors. A number of differently coloured rugs replete with geometrical patterns can be strewn around a bedroom giving it a cosy and lived in look too.

However, when you opt for extra large area rugs instead of small and easily lugged rugs, it is definite to serve you in more ways than one. While they do go a long way in making your flooring attractive, they can also be arranged cleverly so that they hide a patchy and uneven floor making your home look absolutely perfect without any flaws whatsoever.

Extra large area rugs also help to protect wooden flooring which tend to get chipped or lack luster if you trample all over the flooring regularly. Thin and worn out carpets do not look attractive at all and you might not be able to afford replacing it right at this moment. Do not fret if this is the case. Purchase extra large area rugs instead and watch how your room brightens, courtesy a big area rug placed tactfully over your old and threadbare carpet. You will actually be surprised to find how affordable the extra large area rugs are. Replacing your expensive wool carpet would cost you a bomb, an area rug serves the same purpose equally well without the added expenditure. Another aspect that you would not be able to overlook is the extra padding that the thick and warm area rugs offer thereby protecting you from the intensely cold winters when your floors tend to get chilled as well.

Larger area rugs can be wonderfully multi functional too. While you may have bought the rug with a specific purpose in mind initially, you will be amazed to discover the other utilities of the rug as the days pass by. Some of the advantages of choosing a large area rug are:-

  • Home adornment
  • Protection
  • Concealment of Flaws
  • Prevention of injury if one slips and falls
  • Durability

The best size for covering your room is a 9X12 area rug usually. However, it will be a good idea to measure the dimensions of your room before you actually purchase the rug. Selecting one that fits in with the measurement of your room will be best. You do not require expensive installations or pay for a floor to floor carpeting if you can manage to cover your entire floor space with extra large area rugs. You can also opt for a low seating arrangement a la eastern style once you make sure that your feet will remain protected whatever the weather is like outdoors.

Vacuuming your rug will be enough to take care of the dust and you do not actually need to resort to expensive cleaning methods or depend on professionals when it comes to the question of keeping your extra large area rugs spic and span.

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