Create A Modern Look By Opting For Geometric Area Rugs

Placing area rugs indoors as well as outdoors can definitely lend your home a cosy touch. Fluffy rugs in warm hues go a long way in making your house look both comfortable and inviting. However, you may find yourself contemplating over the patterns you would like to opt for. The entire effect that you have so painstakingly helped to create may be lost by one wrong move. And that particular problem might lie with the colour and pattern of your rug as well. It is, therefore imperative to ponder over the choice a while before you give in to your whim and decide to carry a totally inappropriate area rug home with you.

A modern décor is the one fancied by one and all now. This particular décor warranties a no fuss, clear cut look making your home look extremely functional and clean at the same time. Choosing geometric area rugs in a number of shapes is certain to emphasize the modernity of your home. Colour combination is yet another theme that must be followed strictly especially if you want your home to be the object of envy for all and sundry.

The most dramatic effect that you can create within your living room is to get large 9X12 geometric area rugs in the most basic colour that is black and white. The stark white against the pitch black colour will be emphasized greatly, drawing the attention. Large squares in alternating colours will help you to turn the attention of your visitors towards it thereby avoiding a chipped corner table or a shoddy vase that has been obscurely placed in a corner.

Sharp, straight lines drawn randomly over a muted blue background look soothing to say the least. These kind of geometric area rugs can definitely add to the serenity of your bedroom décor ensuring you a good night’s rest. Bright angles or triangles drawn in different shades of the same colour look extremely fetching as well. Smaller rugs with such interesting patterns can be placed in the corner of your room or just beneath a tall lamp adding to the brightness of the room.

A pattern of concentric circles in oval shaped geometric area rugs are another option that works out really well. Placing one just below your bed or outside your kitchen can help you to clearly demarcate the working areas of your house too.

While you can hunt around the shops specializing in area rugs for various geometric patterns, the most commonly available ones are:-

  • Squares and Rectangles
  • Circles
  • Ovals
  • Triangles
  • Straight Lines
  • Curved Lines
  • A combination of two or three shapes

While the highly priced oriental rugs almost always have floral or animal patterns on them, the Turkish rugs are highly coveted for their rather intricate patterns of small interlaced squares on the borders.

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