DurgaDimension: 9 x 7 Inches

Goddess Durga is depicted in a gesture of blessing here in this spectacular brass sculpture. She is seen here with her eight hands. She has held different weapons and accessories in her hands. One of her right hands is raised in the blessing gesture. Goddess Durga is sitting on her vehicle- the lion. Craftsmen have carved out several intricate patterns over whole image with perfection.

About Durga


Durga is worshipped as an incarnation of the Mother Goddess or Devi, who appears when evil demons threaten the world. She is revered as a form of the Divine Force, who is victorious in the battle against evil.

In Hindu legend, the powerful demon Mahishasura had taken the form of a giant buffalo and went on an unstoppable rampage. The Gods were unable to defeat him and appealed to Shiva - one of the supreme trinity of Indian Gods. Shiva advised them to combine their shakti or divine energy, for only then could they quell Mahishasura. The combined energies of the Gods manifested itself in the female form of Durga - a beautiful and powerful Goddess with ten arms. Provided with weapons by the Gods and seated on a lion, she set out to do battle with Mahishasura and his demon army

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