Bodhisattva Chenrezi Statue

Bodhisattva Chenrezi StatueDimension: 9 x 6 x 4 Inches

This statue of Four-armed Chenrezi Bodhisattva is a novel piece of handicraft. The statue is made of copper and is decked immaculately by the plating of 24-karat gold on face, crown, chest, hands, feet and other parts of the body. Bodhisattva is sitting on a big lotus in padmasana with t the attire given several artistic curves. He has clasped together his two principal hands against his chest in the Namaskara mudra holding the three jewels. While other two hands are raised in upright position holding a rosary in one and a lotus in another.

Whole image is ornamented with rich jewels and engrafting of colorful beads. His hair are falling on both the shoulders.

About Bodhisattva Chenrezi

Chenrezi is a Bodhisattva (Bodhi means enlightment and Satwa means essence). The Bodhisattva is a being that has reached Nirvana but has abstained from to stay on Earth for more time to help guide all mankind to the true path of the Buddha. Chenrezi is literally called Shadakshari Lokeswara (Lokeswara of the six syllable) as he is the personification of the six syllable mantra “om ma ni pad me hum”. This mantra is very popular in Tibet and so is Chenrezi. Chenrezi is usually represented seated in meditation, richly attired and adornments in four arms. Chenrezi represents love, kindness and compassion. He is known to remove ignorance, purifies negative emotions. He brings happiness and liberates all sentient beings from suffering.

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