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Sheer Joy-Warli Painting Sheer Joy-Warli Painting

The sheer joy of living each and every moment is aptly conveyed by this objet d’art from Warli, India.
Merry making villagers-Warli Painting Merry making villagers

This Indian tribal art, known as Warli Painting, presents an image of simple merry making villagers.


Sheer Joy-Warli Painting

Renowned as Warli Painting, this form of tribal art uses a single color, white, on handmade fabric. Fused with the moods and whimsies of nature are the lives of these ancient people. Men, women, animals, birds, trees and the whole of this world are conjoined together in a harmonious and eternal celebration called ‘Life’. In this painting, men and women alternate in a spiral formation and dance without turning their backs to the persons playing the musical instrument. The person at the center of the spiral formation plays a native musical instrument and is the most prominent of all the figures. With his harmony and rhythm, that spreads and mesmerizes the complete space, he seems to be the creator and controller of all life around. Basic geometric forms and primal designs, dots and patches are used to convey the profoundest philosophy in the simplest form.

Merry making villagers

Figures in their bare minimum details are scattered around the canvas in a loose rhythmical pattern. The image centers on a tribal drummer whose enchanting drumbeats move the whole of human and natural world. Both men and women are seen dancing, singing and drinking life to the lees. Mothers carrying crying babies, fathers dragging families, artisans at their daily work, women peddling their humble goods, snippets of such ordinary details of rural India are included. Merged intrinsically with the social scenario is the natural world of birds and trees and animals. Together they make the tribal world complete. Simple geometric shapes in monochrome portray the entire gamut of this tribal Indian society.

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